MALICE is a 2 player escape room styled game centered on exploration and cooperative puzzle solving with a Japanese horror theme.

Players play a pair of modern day travelers to Japan visiting a fictional temple. In an earthquake event, the players are plunged underground into darkness where a mansion lies dormant waiting.

Players must navigate through the ancient house discovering it’s secrets while surviving it’s malicious inhabitant lurking around every corridor and room.

In the final act, the puzzles were super satisfying to figure out. Part of it was because we were a bit more used to the mechanics by, but I also felt like the puzzles got increasingly more rational as we went along.

Claudia Khaw (Vulcan Post)
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Malice has an intriguing story, fun gameplay, and eye-catching visuals, and it is an enjoyable and difficult game. Malice could appeal to gamers who like the exploration, puzzle-solving, and fighting elements of video games. In conclusion, Malice is a compelling game with a distinctive story, difficult gameplay, and alluring aesthetics

Daria (

Available now on Steam

Available now on Steam

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