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Nimbus Games is an indie game studio, conceived on 18 April 2016 by Joseph & Caleb in the suburbs of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The initial idea was to create games for an exponentially growing mobile games market.

We began building a team of game creators in mid of 2016 including programmers and artists and drafted the first ideas. The game Heroes Inc. was first decided to be developed with a team of 3 artists, 1 programmer, 1 producer/writer and sound director. 

At its helm was Joseph Teng, previously a designer and owner of real life escape rooms that saw a rise in popularity in Malaysia in early 2015. 

After the launch of Heroes Inc., we developed and launched 3 more games on the mobile market and is currently working on a 5th title – Heroes Inc 2. The titles following Heroes Inc. are Guess My Pixels: Games Edition, Guess My Pixels: Anime Edition and Deliria.

At this moment, Nimbus has a core team 25 developers and artists. The team is also supported by over 20 part timers, freelancers, and interns.


2017 | Nimbus Games was featured in an IGN SEA interview in 2017 for emerging game development companies in South East Asia. Full interview [here].

2021 | Malice’s prototype was nominated top 4 of Level Up KL 2021 for Best Game Design.

2022 | Malice was nominated top 4 in Level Up KL 2022 for Best Game Technology

2022 | Nimbus Games was awarded an MDEC Digital Content Grant for an unannounced project.

2023 | Chiyo was nominated and won Best Audio Design Award in Level Up KL 2023

Switching Gears

We started off developing mobile games but has found our passion and stride in PC games. At the beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic, We set out to create a “virtual escape room” based on their previous experiences and thus Malice was conceived. Currently Malice is available on steam after one and a half years of development. It is primarily a puzzle game with a horror theme set in ancient Edo, Japan. Consequently we released our second PC title in 2023 – titled Chiyo, a subsequent Edo era styled horror game which you play a paranormal investigator in the employ of the Shogunate. Chiyo garnered 80% positive score rating on Steam. (Store page here). We love telling stories, especially when it has good ol’ horror and terror elements. Hopefully we are able to affect the indie horror landscape with something unique, interesting and influential.


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