CHIYO is a first person, escape room styled, single player, puzzle game set in a Edo era Japan horror background and in the same universe of MALICE.

Play as Idate Chiyo, a newly recruited paranormal investigator of the Tokugawa Shogunate’s Magical Arcane Division, tasked with her first assignment to investigate some strange occurrences reported to have originated from an abandoned mansion on the forested interior of the small coastal city of Gōtsu in Shimane Prefecture. Within the mansion, Chiyo encounters strange and malevolent spirits, devious contraptions and puzzles and a dark family history that will threaten her survival.

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Escape Room Style Puzzle Game

Challenge your wits and your nerves with escape room style puzzles and ghostly presence haunting your every step.

Assume the Role of Idate Chiyo

Activate unique supernatural powers allowing players to pierce and dive into the paranormal realm as a paranormal investigator of the Tokugawa Shogunate’s Magical Arcane Division.

Engaging Storyline

Uncover the mysteries of an abandoned mansion, a powerful family’s dark dealings and the consequences of love and sacrifice.

Immersive Horror

Delve into atmospheric nightmares of an ancient Edo era mansion and uncover all it’s mysteries and malevolence.

Winner of
Level Up SEA Game Awards 2023
[Best Audio Design]

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