Welcome to Nimbus Games

We are an independent small sized game development studio located in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. We strive to craft unforgettable and affecting gaming experiences that will transport our players to worlds beyond their reality or fantasy.

Our Games


MALICE is a two-player, escape room-style puzzle game of exploration and co-operative puzzle solving with a Japanese horror theme.


Chiyo is a first-person hardcore escape room horror game set in Japan’s Edo era. As Idate Chiyo, a paranormal investigator possessing supernatural abilities, you are tasked with investigating an abandoned mansion and unveiling a family’s dark history 

yan魇Parasomnia is a two-player, classic survival horror set in 1987 fictional rural town in Ipoh, Malaysia centered around the Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival. Developed in partnership with Cerebral Games.


NImbus Games is a certified Malaysian Digital company
Our Offices:
15-01, Plaza Permata, 6 Jalan Kampar, Sentul Selatan, 50450, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia General:



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